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Do you want to make yourself attractive? If so, the below 5 insane simple tips are exclusively for you.

Be Big On Eye Contact

Believe it or not, eye contact is a turn on and a point of attraction for men and women alike. Most people like communicating with someone who maintains eye contact, and usually finds it unsettling to talk to someone with “shifty” eyes. This doesn’t mean you need to stare at people. Take a break every 5 seconds, preferably when you’re nodding or laughing. If you’re someone who is prone to making a lot of hand gestures, then breaking your gaze when doing so will avoid that creepy feeling of over-sharing as well. You can also shift your gaze on their other facial features, if you feel you’re staring at them too hard.

Bring Out Your Most Confident Self

Self-confidence is a thing of beauty¾and we don’t know a single person who will disagree on this with us. Many people find this very sexy, and naturally makes you a more interesting and attractive person to talk to. If you are a confident person to begin with, we suggest that you let your confidence show; however, it’s important to not appear overconfident as well. If you’re not a very confident person, try to figure out what is causing your self doubts. Get rid of these self-proclaimed “flaws” or learn to accept them, making it easier for you to be a more confident person.

Take Care of Your Mouth

This is something that many people find attractive in both females and males alike. This is also something that can be an add-on to our previous tip, and help you make yourself a more confident person. Correct your teeth, and if you want to take it a step up, consider getting them cosmetically whitened. This will make it less awkward for you to smile more confidently. Set an appointment and visit your local dentist regularly; take better care of your oral health. Be very particular about your teeth; be that it is the products you use to keep it fresh (like mouthwashes) or how regularly you floss your teeth. While you’re at it, do remember to take care of your lips as well, making sure to exfoliate them regularly.


Look and Smell like You Love Yourself

Dress yourself like you’re proud of how you look. If you’ve put on weight or lost weight recently, consider buying yourself a few outfits that fit you better. Choose colours that flatter your skin, bringing out your inner glow. Quite the same way, wear clothing that suits the “shape” of your body more; that will accentuate your best features. Experiment and find the perfume that is completely “you”¾a perfume that you feel describes you and complements you to the core. Make it your “signature” smell.

Be Full of Energy and Enthusiastic About Life

Most people are very attracted to someone who is very full of life¾someone who is living life at any given moment. If you want to be someone like this, turn your thoughts to more positive thoughts. Be positive about life in general. Be content with what you have and look forward to the future. Don’t forget to rest well so you have plenty of energy to live life to its fullest every day.

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