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Post-traumatic stress is a bodily and mental reaction to a traumatic incident like a car accident, an attack or even a loss. Symptoms can show for months after the trauma leading up to seven years if the individual isn’t shown healthy coping mechanisms. These symptoms can affect the individual’s physical wellbeing as well as their ability to work efficiently and be in a healthy relationship so you’ll want to get some professional help as soon as you notice these signs:

Relive the Trauma

As much as they try not to, they find themselves reliving the trauma leading to flashbacks when least expecting it. This also makes it quite difficult for them to sleep at night as they suffer from recurrent nightmares.

Intimacy Issues

It’s quite common for individuals with PTSD to experience outbursts of anger or irritability. Usually, this doesn’t bode well for those who are in committed relationships. The individual will attempt to withdraw as well as express difficulties with intimacy; this will only serve to enhance a sense of numbness that will make it difficult for them to recall loving and happy memories. There will also be a high conflict rate with others.


With this persistent anger and social disconnection, comes a consistent low mood and feelings of hopelessness that are associated with that of depression. Activities that your partner once loved doing would be a thing of the past and the most dangerous symptom to watch out for would be suicidal thoughts. These thoughts may be active, where the individual plans and intends on committing suicide or on a more passive level, believes things would be far better without them living. Suicidal thoughts and ideation are a common and dangerous symptom of PTSD, which is why you should always get help from Melbourne CBD psychologists before it gets to this stage.


You’ll be able to visibly see that your partner has become far too tense and is incapable of relaxing and having a good time in social situations. It’ll also be common for them to tell you that they’re more guarded when handling daily activities. This would be due to a crippling fear of feeling unsafe, even when there isn’t any danger present.


Their performance at work will slowly deteriorate as individuals with PTSD have severe concentration and attentional problems. Thoughts about the traumatic event tend to consume their mind when tasked with completing work. It could also be the lack of sleep that contributes to the individual being fatigued and not being able to work at peak efficiency.

Substance Abuse

The individual may take to alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with everything that they are feeling. It’s an inefficient coping method that only temporarily helps them avoid the memories of their trauma which is why professional help is a must to identify more positive, healthy coping mechanisms.

These are the most prominent signs that you loved one is going through something quite severe. If you notice the symptoms, make sure to get help immediately!

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