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There’s plenty of responsibility that lies on a personal trainer. You’ll be the coach working behind the scenes to push your client to be the best version of themselves- the most confident version. We each have our own way of going about this, there is no single right way. But here are some general rules that can apply to any fitness coach, which you would definitely benefit from:


Don’t forget that your job isn’t just to physically push your clients. It’s to educate them as well. There’s going to be plenty of times where they ask you for your advice and you’re going to have to know your stuff when they do. Send them any articles you feel they could benefit reading from, make sure to regularly update your blog or social media with informative content.


Speaking of the above, don’t entertain any questions regarding nutrition during training. This is their time to focus on physically exerting themselves. Any other questions that deviate from training, should be saved up for a separate consultation.


Don’t forget that you won’t just get questions on physical fitness– you’ll be asked about nutrition or in the case of an injury (if such cases lie within your expertise), you’ll be asked about recovery processes. For example, there are plenty of innovative technologies such as aimedical motion capture Australia that are used preventatively to create data and this would come in really useful for athletes who are in rehabilitation seeking support. In the case of being asked anything you don’t know, then just inform them that you’ll get back to them with an answer soon.


Remember you’re not there to just observe from the sidelines and give a gentle nudge then and there. You’re not there to belittle and bully them either. It’s a fine line but determine what exactly would pass as a healthy challenge for your client and push them to do it! They might not be so receptive to your suggestions but this is why they have a personal trainer after all- to push them and guide them in the right direction.


It’s easy to keep pushing yourself too hard when you push others for a living. But don’t give away time that you can’t afford to give. Learn how to say no and schedule in some for yourself instead so you don’t experience a burnout. The best trainers know that this could happen to anyone who overworks too much so don’t let this be you.


It’s great to build a community within your clients- it’ll especially ease the first timers. You probably won’t find all your clients interested in this but that’s okay- the point is to build a small community of likeminded people and you have to start from somewhere. You can make this a group outing or do something small between classes.

These are some essentials that every personal trainer could benefit from! Not only do they make sure that the clients are taken above and beyond but they ensure the trainer’s wellbeing as well.

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