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In this time of social media of uploading selfies every minute, having white teeth is already a necessity. No one would like your photo if your janky teeth are on display. Fortunately, whitening your teeth is as easy as applying an Instagram filter.

There are various ways of doing this. But you have to ascertain if your teeth need whitening in a dental office with all the fancy equipment and with the help of a dentist or if an in-home treatment could still suffice.

Professional Whitening

Years of drinking coffee, tea, wine and smoking contribute to staining our teeth. If drinking all these drinks and puffing ciggies has been included in your daily lifestyle for a couple of years, it is recommended to do the first session of your teeth whitening by a professional. Our teeth also get more discoloured as we get older and having a dentist check the condition of our teeth first, the better so they could recommend the type of treatment without harming or removing any of our teeth’s surface.

The procedure for professional teeth whitening usually involves the process of bleaching (power bleaching, laser bleaching, etc.) Peroxide gel is applied to the patient’s teeth for an hour with a light directed unto the teeth for the whitening gel to react.

Home Whitening

Home teeth whitening kits come in three different kinds; brush on whitening, stick on whitening strips and bleach trays whitening.

Brush on whitening is the easiest, cheapest and most common method of teeth whitening. Teeth whitening pens could be bought over the counter and are also called brush on whiteners since the method of applying it is by the used of the brush applicator by “painting” it over the teeth. Once applied and dried, the product has started the whitening process which usually lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. After this period of time, the film is either dissolved or should be washed off.

Stick on whitening strips on the other hand is based on its name, stick on. Do not brush your teeth before applying the strips. If you have just brushed your teeth, let several hours pass before using whitening strips to avoid irritating your gums. When applying, remove the backing liner gently and make sure to align it with your gum line. Press gently to ensure that the strip is sticking properly. Fold the remaining strip and stick it behind your teeth. Do not wear the strips longer than the recommended amount of time. After removing the strips, there might be left over gel which could be rinsed off, wiped off, brushed off or left on as it will eventually dissolve.

As for the bleach trays whitening, a mouth guard tray is filled with bleaching gel or paste and placed over the teeth. Similar to strips, it is kept on for several hours.

If you have decided to do any of the home whitening methods mentioned above, make sure that you talk to your dentist first. Don’t waste your time, money and effort doing any of the methods uncertainly. Follow the directions correctly so you don’t end up having burned or bleached gums.
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