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Did you know that there is a medical term for chapped lips? Yes, it has been declared as a medical condition that is referred to as the cheilitis. It has actually been a common issue, especially for the ladies who are conscious about it. In fact, the skin found in the lips is thinner compared to the skin found on the other parts of the body. However, similar to the other skin, it is also exposed to several elements such as the heat of the sun and the cold breeze of the winds. These elements make the lips’ thin skin prone to drying, flaking and peeling. Unlike other skin, the lips do not have its own oil glands that produce and retain moisture. Though there are several moisturizing lotions available in the market, these products cannot be applied to the lips. There are other ways though, so read on to know about it.

Lip Balm

Although some may regard it as part of a make-up routine, the lip balms are one of the good medications to treat chapped lips. However, you must be vigilant in choosing your lip balm. Some lip balm contains menthol, phenol, and camphor substances. Although these substances can soothe the lips temporarily, it can make your lips even drier in the long run. It is best to avoid those lip balms that are scented and flavoured, as its chemical elements only dry out the lips.

Natural Remedies

While lip balms can certainly help you in your chapped lips dilemma, there are also natural remedies that you can try. The aloe Vera leaves are a universal moisturizer that soothes and rehydrates the skin all over the body. You just must apply the leaves directly to your lips to counter the dryness. Apart from this, you can also try natural products such as organic paw paw cream that contain jojoba oil that is a safe and natural moisturizing oil for skin.

Drink Water

One of the main causes of chapped lips is dehydration. The lack of moisture causes lips to dry out. Thus, it is important to always drink water. Do not wait for you to feel thirsty or have a dry mouth. Make sure you always drink plenty of water, especially during summer. Dehydration not only leads to chapped lips but also to headache and dizziness. Prevent such occurrence by drinking 12 glasses of water daily.

Avoid Smoking

Another main cause of chapped lips is smoking. Since the skin of the lips is sensitive, the strong chemical element of tobacco damages the skin. It makes the skin of the lip drier and more cracked. In fact, smoking also results in mouth problems such as gum pains and mouth ulcers. Putting an end to your smoking habits saves not only your mouth and your lungs from imminent damage but also your lips. Upon doing so, you can easily notice that your chapped lips will transform back to its initial form.

Although you might perceive chapped lips as an insignificant medical condition, it still requires attention and treatment. Consider these pointers and get rid of chapped lips.

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