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While we employ good oral healthcare habits, we still need to visit our dentist every 6 months for professional care. Some people feel reluctant about going to a dental clinic. It might be caused by previous traumatic experience from a dentist or lack of knowledge on what really goes on inside those clinics.

The Peninsula Dental Care has friendly and accommodating Dentist Mornington Peninsula that provides high-quality dental services to our clients from all walks of life. These are the most common treatments you can receive from a dentist, depending on your problem.


Apart from your daily routine brushing and flossing, you have to ask your dentist for a professional cleaning session every 6 months. It consists of deep cleaning that removes hard to reach areas such as in between teeth and below the gumline. Professional cleaning also removes hard plaque build up that can’t be removed by regular brushing. You should go to the best dentist on the Mornington Peninsula who could give you better dental care while guaranteeing excellent results.

Fluoride Treatment

This treatment is usually done after cleaning. You will simply take a fluoridated solution and leave it in your mouth for a few minutes. Fluoride naturally strengthens the teeth and protects it from cavities caused by acid from bacteria.


Dentists prescribe antibiotics to patients who have tooth abscess and gum infections to target the root cause. A patient may also be treated with antibiotics after surgical procedures such as dental implants to keep the wound from getting infected. These antibiotics can be in the form of capsules, gels, or mouthwash.

Tooth Sealants

This refers to dental fillings and crowns that repair slightly damaged tooth. Dental fillings are used to restore cracked, chipped or damaged tooth due to cavities. The dentist will clean the surrounding area and remove the damaged part of your tooth with a drill. Then, the hollow area will be filled in by a composite or amalgam filling. A dental crown is used for severely broken or cracked tooth. It is placed over a broken tooth to restore its natural look. Dental sealants are thin coatings used to protect the molars. As soon as your child has his first molars, you can take him to a dentist for a sealant to protect their teeth.

Root Canal

If the damage of tooth decay has penetrated the inside part of a tooth, it causes extreme pain and discomfort. Your dentist will remove the rotten part of your teeth and clean it leaving a hollow inside the damaged tooth. A composite material will then be placed to fill in the space followed by a crown to cover the top part of the tooth. It may sound scary but this is actually a painless procedure. Your dentist will apply a local anaesthetic before doing this.


You might be surprised if your dentist recommends food and drinks that are rich in probiotics. New research shows that these good bacteria can actually improve overall oral health by fighting off bad bacteria to cause teeth and gum damage. There are OTC probiotics supplements available in pharmacies but you can also find them on food such as yogurt, kimchiand sauerkraut.

Having a regular dental check-up is one of the essential ways in keeping your oral health at its best condition. By knowing how each procedure works, you’ll never be hesitant again to visit your dentist.


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