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Clearly, it’s not easy, attending rehab for any issue. The entire rehab experience is quite scary but changes life for the better. There are no locks on the rehab doors, you can walk in and walk out as you wish. But here are some reasons why you should be courageous and stay and change.

What is Rehab?

Rehabs provide medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for people who are addicted to psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs. Treatments usually include medication, counselling with the experts and sharing stories with other addicts.

Stable Environment

Rehabs provide a stable and clean environment. This kind of environment will decrease unhealthy desires and temptations of the addicts and also keep them monitored. A secure environment is highly crucial for fresh and new addicts, because they have very little control over their addictions.


Despite being under medication for addictions, it is very important to stabilize the psychological and social factors too. Counselling has been proved as one of the best methods to cure addictions, the right cure requires a good counsellor as well.


Learning about addictions, how harmful they are and also listening to other addict’s stories can set one’s mind right. It also allows patients to realize that there are other healthy ways to live life without having to rely on drugs or alcohol. Learning the correct things and using them as key components will speed up the recovery process.

Peer Support

Healing is always faster when you know someone who is going through the same trauma. Rehabilitation Centres offering alcohol and drug programs in Geelong have hundreds of addicts walking in. They provide addicts with the opportunity to share stories, advice and get support.

Daily Routine

A good treatment centre makes their patients participate in healthy routines. Patients are highly encouraged to attend one on one sessions, group sessions and 12 step support groups at given times. Other centres also educate their patients about good nutrition and the importance of participating in regular fitness.

Zero Tolerance

Absolutely no one is allowed to bring any sort of alcohol or drug into the treatment centre. This policy is strictly followed because rehabs and other programs do not encourage temptations during treatments.


No addict likes to declare about his or her addiction. Most patients like to go to private spaces and get their treatments done in absolute privacy. Addicts don’t entertain the idea of others knowing about their treatments.

After Care

One of the most important aspects of treating an addict. Coming of clean during rehab is not sufficient. Family and friends must be careful and keep addictive substances away from the ex-addict. Relapse is highly possible if proper care is not taken, addicts can fall back to square one. To avoid such outcomes the patient can join other therapeutic sessions.

Private rehabilitation centres are usually highly expensive but there are many other inexpensive programs conducted and other local centres that provide the treatment. Family and friends are advised to take the right action during these situations, displaying disgust and cowering away will not aid anyone. Addiction is a complex disease that can be identified and treated through the right steps.

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