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People have different ambitions in life and whatever it is, they always have to put their best foot forward, if they want to make it happen. If you are a student and you are graduating from high school, you may be wondering which course you will take up in college. You have to be wise in your decisions. Plus, it should be something you are passionate about. It can be accountancy, business administration, engineering, information technology, mass communication or medicine. The choices are endless. But if you want to become a medical doctor, you have to be ready in all life aspects – physically, financially, emotionally and mentally. Continue reading below if you want to know how.

You Need Money

If you are not a scholar and you want to become a medical doctor, you need to have money to support your tuition fee and other expenses. Remember, a medicine course is not cheap. Not all people can afford it. You can loan from a bank if you want to. However, make sure to compare loan plans and read the terms and conditions.

Earn A Bachelor’s Degree

A pre-med course is required before you can get into medical school. Medical schools seek student applicants who have wide educational background in sciences and healthcare settings. And for that reason, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree that is science-related such as B.S Biology or B.S Chemistry. Make sure to do well in school.

Finish Medical School

Your medical school takes four years to finish. Usually, the first two years will be spent in school, learning about the different illnesses, etc. Then the last two years, you have to go and visit different hospitals and get a hands-on experience in taking care of the patients, but of course with supervision from a professional.

Complete the Residency

This is the stage where you will choose which type of doctor you want to be. You can be a cardiologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, paediatrician or Obstetrician Gynaecologist. The latter is perfect if you are interested in childbirth and women’s reproductive health.

Get A License

To get a license, you need to take an exam because all medical doctors should have it before they can practice. And you must earn a degree before you can get one. Renewal of license is required every couple of years. To pass the exam, you have to study really hard because it will not be easy. You can go to review centres if you want to. They can help you ace your exams just as long as you focus and you give your heart and mind to it.

Studying medicine is not cheap. You need to have money to support your education particularly if you are not a scholar. Moreover, you need to be bookish and you need to have skills in problem solving. Once you have finished your residency and be able to get your licensure, it is time to practice. You can apply at clinics, hospitals, government offices, etc.  

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