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If you are travelling to Australia, you may wonder how to fill a prescription while you are over there. If you are visiting on the short term, you can bring up to 4 weeks’ worth of prescription medication into the country. If your stay is longer, you will have to rely on local facilities to fill your prescription. Here is how you can go about doing that:

Understand How Prescriptions are filled in Australia

Like in all other countries, certain medications require a prescription from a doctor, which you can take to a local pharmacy to obtain. You should know that the brand names of drugs will most likely be different in Australia than in your own country. Some medications that require a prescription in your native country could be available over-the-counter in Australia, and vice versa. It’s important to keep these facts in mind and make sure whether you really need a prescription to buy the medications you need while in Australia.

Get a Doctor’s Note

You should ask your doctor for advice regarding how to obtain the meds you need in Australia. You can ask your doctor to write you a note to take to a local doctor in Australia for a prescription. Remember, your local doctor’s prescription may not be acceptable to a local chemist. You need an Australian doctor’s prescription to buy drugs at a local drug store. As long as you have a doctor’s note, buying the meds you need should not be a problem. Aussie doctors are very understanding and will write you the prescription you need.

Go to the Drug Store First

You simply only need to go to a chemist to fill a prescription or get the drugs you need. As mentioned above, some drugs that require a prescription overseas may be available over-the-counter in Australia. Therefore, always check out a local pharmacy Preston for the drugs you need before going to a doctor for a prescription. You can ask the chemist at the store questions regarding the medications you need. Aussie chemists consult with patients, so you will most likely get the information you need right away.

Ask Your Regular Doctor for Generic Drug Names

To avoid brand name confusion, you can ask your doctor back home to write down the generic or chemical names of drugs. The generic name is the same everywhere, and this is what you will have to go by when in Australia. Otherwise, there might be some confusion and you might end with a drug you don’t need.

Obtaining Medicine in Emergency Situations

Most Australian chemists, especially in cities, are open 24/7. Some even offer emergency care after regular business hours. You can look up local newspapers or do an online search for emergency drug stores to fulfil a prescription in a hurry. If not, you can always contact the police or an ambulance service in an emergency to get the drugs you need.

Overall, it’s not difficult for foreigners and tourists to purchase prescription medications in Australia. However, some brands may not be available locally. But you can always count on that the drugs you need will be available.

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