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A child’s energy is so precious that you don’t want to waste it on a boring afternoon. Babysitting is more than just feeding and putting kids to sleep. You also have to interact, play and keep them entertained through fun yet kid-friendly activities. A babysitting kit is a very useful tool when looking after children. Aside from keeping them engaged, they will surely look forward to your next visit because of the great time they had.

From first aid stuff to fun-filled activities, here are the most common things that make up a great babysitting kit for every babysitter Singapore out there.

Choose an Easy to Carry Bag

Pick one that has fun prints or designs to brighten up every kid’s mood. Big totes or sling bags will do since they have lots of space to accommodate all those fun treats for the kids.

Fill It with Craft Items

Most kids love crafts. Although some of them might already have those craft items you brought, having someone to create it with add to the excitement. Prepare various themes such as sports, teddy bear, cartoon characters, animals, or anything your kid is interested with. Stock up on craft papers, cloths, googly eyes, colouring materials and kid friendly cutting tools. These will come in handy if your child loves creating stuffs such as mini puppets, paintings, etc.

Add Some Games

Board games can keep children entertained for a few hours. Scrabble, Candy Land, Simon Swipe, Battleship and other puzzles is a perfect way for passing time. Just make sure they are age-appropriate so the kid will surely appreciate the game.

Action Figures and Dolls

Some kids love playing with these. Make sure you have a few stuffed toys, dolls or action figures in your babysitting kit to surprise these kids.

Stories plus Some Treats

Children love listening to stories. Storytelling is perfect for late afternoons to relax after a long day. Help them build their own pillow fort and read a story with them there. You can also have a movie afternoon if they prefer it over story books. Have some snacks approved by their parents while watching a good movie with the kids.

First Aid Kit

You should always be ready when you’re with children. Stock up your first aid kit with a few band-aids, a wound disinfectant, gauze, thermometer, ice pack and other more. Make sure you have their parents’ numbers or emergency contact just in case something happens.

Keeping the children engaged in these activities helps you keep a close eye on them. Make your babysitting experience fun and easy by taking a babysitting kit.

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