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Cancer is a very deadly disease and it does not get spoken about enough, there are still many people who continue harmful health practices that can give way towards the cause of cancer. Even if there is still no cure or definite cause of cancer, there are many factors that are proven to be a contributor towards this death trap. There are simple healthy practices that can be followed by anyone who wishes to keep away from cancer, and they will be given below for your convenience in concern for your good health;

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Obesity has been told to be a contributor towards the cause of cancer as your body would contain many fats and other things which could be cancerous amidst the mass of the body. Consumption of sufficient amounts of fruits and veggies with a limit on the red meat for all meals would contribute towards this achievement. Also, try to prevent consuming too much processed food to stop the entering of food prepared using various kinds of chemicals and ingredients which can be cancerous.

Regular Exercise

Physical exercise does not have to be tedious tasks that exhaust you every single time. They can simply be a walk after dinner, or a morning walk too. Make sure that you engage in regular exercising in order to feel healthy and prevent any deadly diseases from making your body their own. Create a weekly schedule on your exercises and make sure to follow them, if you feel bored doing your exercise alone, ask a friend to join you in the quest to being healthy.

Minimize Alcohol And Smoking

If you visit you would notice that a lot of cases of cancer are due to excessive consumptions of alcohol and smoking. Even if you strongly disagree against not drinking, at least make a small change by trying to limit the consumption of alcohol by a glass or not consuming it at all occasions. You should also know that there are very few chances of survival if you are diagnosed with lung and liver cancer which is mainly caused by the consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Be Careful From The Sun

The exposure from the sun has its way of getting to your skin with chances of creating skin cancer. Preventing too much time under the sun can lower the opportunity for the sun to create any unwanted diseases that come out of nowhere. If you do plan on staying for long under the sun, make sure to take a wide hat and carry sunscreen to be regularly applied on your skin during your exposure.

There we go, simple isn’t it? All of them are as simple as can be, so if you choose to follow the above practices you can lower at least 98% chances of being another victim of cancer. So, think wisely and choose the best lifestyle you wish to spend through these wonderful suggestions. I hope I have convinced you enough, now your life is in your hands.  

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