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Proper oral care is necessary to achieve healthy teeth and gums. Our smile is one of the first things other people notice so we have to make sure they look great. Brushing alone is not enough if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Yes, it cleans the surfaces of our teeth but there are still some few hidden parts that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. Read along to learn more on how to maintain a healthy smile.

Proper Teeth Care

There are 5 easy steps to do in order to maintain that perfect smile. Do this regularly for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Brushing cleans the surfaces of our teeth. It removes dirt, food particles and dislodges bacteria that can cause plaque if left alone. It is recommended that you brush with fluoride toothpaste for at least twice a day to keep your teeth healthy. After cleaning the teeth’s surfaces, the next step is to take care of those hard to reach places. Flossing cleans the spaces in between teeth which is usually the favourite spot of bacteria. This ensures you that your teeth are cleaned in all angles. After brushing and flossing, rinse with a mouthwash to have a long lasting fresh breath. Rinsing cleans the soft parts of the mouth such as the gums, palate, and inner cheeks. This step gives you an overall clean mouth by killing bacteria that are scattered all over the oral cavity.

It is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months for oral check-ups to solve teeth and gum problems earlier. Schedule an appointment with us if you’re living in the suburbs near St. Leonards. Professionals like dentist St Leonards offer only the best dental care for their clients. Prevention is always better than cure. You can reduce your risk for dental caries and tooth decay by avoiding certain foods. Minimize eating sugary and starchy foods as they make the mouth generate more acid that degrades the teeth. Candies and junk foods usually stick and stay in spaces between teeth making it a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If you can help but eat them, make brushing a habit after having these foods.

Proper Brushing of Teeth

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy requires proper brushing to ensure that all surfaces are covered. Use the right amount of fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride helps strengthen the tooth enamel making it hard for bacteria to penetrate. Brush at an angle of 45 degrees against the gum line. First, clean the outer surfaces of your teeth by brushing in small and circular strokes. Repeat the previous step but this time, on the inner surfaces of your teeth. Brush on the biting parts of your teeth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to remove dirt build-up and bacteria. Brushing this helps make your breath fresh longer.

Keeping these steps in mind is the key to brighter and healthier smiles. If you have other dental issues, schedule a checkup with a local dental clinic near you.

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