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All of us have at least gone to a gym for a workout a few times. There are many benefits to regularly working out. And sometimes the mistakes that we make at a gym can stop us from getting what we wanted to in the beginning. Many of these mistakes are rather commonplace and can be done by a lot of people without them even noticing that it could be hindering their progress. It is important that we avoid these mistakes as much as possible when working out at the gym.

Not Wearing the Right Gear

Not having the right exercise attire and gear with you not only hinders your ease and comfort during the workout but can also cause a serious injury that can actually set you back for weeks and even months. The right gear will include things like activewear tops, shoes, any arm or leg weights that you are required to wear, sports underwear, towels and so on. There can be more gear that you will need depending on the type of workout that you are doing and the kind of training that you have chosen to undertake. If you do not have the right attire and the shoes for example, you would be more prone to injury without the right sole and foot support. You could slip, pull a muscle or twist your ankles. It could also be that the clothing you have on is not made from breathable materials which will make you feel really wet and heavy after a bit of working out and that could stop you from performing at maximum capacity.

Taking Gym Selfies

It has become something of a trend to keep taking selfies of yourself at the gym and to post them on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. However, while you could chalk this up to a case of personal preference you also need to know that doing this can actually distract you from your true goals. When you take images all the time, you will not see the subtle differences in your body because you are hoping to see those well-defined biceps and abs just come out. It could also be that people who see your images on social media might give you negative feedback saying that they cannot see much of a change in you which could actually de-motivate you from your workout. Taking before and after images are great but only if you know what to do exactly with it and when you should make that comparison.

Taking Breaks From Working Out

Sometimes you may workout at a stretch for about two months and then think that you have earned a break and just take some time off. But then you will not take time off from other activities such as eating and without the regular burn of calories, you will begin to put on the pounds that you lost anyway. Therefore always only take small breaks and never ever discontinue your workout.

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