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There’s a lot of speculation and scepticism that surrounds this industry as a whole due to a few well-spread myths that makes people like you inevitably doubt if cosmetic corrections are the right fit. We’re going to debunk those myths, starting off with the fact that not all of them have to be surgeries! There are several minimally invasive non-surgery procedures people tend to be drawn to for obvious reasons, and here’s the truth you need to know about them:

It Will Look Worse Once the Effects Wear Off

If you get yourself dermal filler or Botox injections, these are procedures that last for months a time. Many worry that after the injections wear off, their skin will be worse for wear, and show signs of loosening and sagging as well. What will actually happen is that the compounds used in that injection simply dissolve so that your skin will return to exactly what it was prior to treatment.

They Are Painful

This is quite a common misconception but the truth of the matter is that injections only cause a slight amount of discomfort. But this too is minimized as practitioners use a local anaesthetic cream to numb the area before the procedure. Post-treatment, you’re given detailed instructions on what you can do to minimize any normal reactions that might occur such as redness or tenderness.

It’s Only for Females

Unfortunately, this is an industry that still caters to far more women than men. But it goes without saying that men too can invest in Botox to take care of their aging skin. It’s also worth mentioning that fillers can be used in men to improve both the dark areas of skin underneath the eyes as well as enhance the sculptured look of their jawline. These are two areas that are increasingly drawing in male clients. So, for any men reading this, next time you’re looking to get a cosmetic procedure done but you feel like it’s just something women do, just get yourself to the closest clinic and actually check things out before you base your decision on a social stigma!

They Look Unnatural

This depends on whether you go to a qualified professional that knows how to do procedures correctly. These injections are only meant to enhance the features you have so if they do get noticed, it’s for more subtle reasons. Be mindful of which practice you pick when choosing an ascot vale clinic and make sure to check for any pictures they have of their previous clients so you’ll be reassured on this front.

They’re Less Efficient than Cosmetic Surgery

The only con to a non-invasive surgery is that they aren’t a long term solution. But this is no indication that they’re any less deserving than a more invasive procedure because they actually come with quite a few advantages. The most important being that they’re far more affordable, they can be reversible (i.e. can be dissolved) if you aren’t happy with your look and require far less downtime!

Now you know what cosmetic non-surgery procedures are all about so what do you think?

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