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A bodybuilding competition is where you can showcase the result of your hard work and training. While some people think that joining a competition is good for them, many weightlifters find it beneficial in their progress. There are plenty of bodybuilding competitions held anywhere for both men and women so you’ll definitely find one that fits your current level of development.

Bodybuilding Poses

Bodybuilding poses is one of the essential things you need to master when entering a competition. There are lots of poses that showcase different muscles of the body and it’s your job to find one that best accentuates your features.

Before a competition, most trainers recommend practicing your poses at least once a day just 10 weeks before a contest. Aside from having much time to learn how to smoothly transition into these different poses, it also increases your motivation to do your best for the upcoming event. Aside from mastering poses, you also need to practice holding it for a few seconds so you’ll be totally ready on stage. It takes time but you’ll surely reap great results after all your efforts. These are the most common poses in a bodybuilding competition routine.

  • Standing relaxed (front, back and rear)
  • Side Triceps
  • Front Double Biceps
  • Rear Double Biceps
  • Front Lateral Spread
  • Side Chest
  • Abdominal & Thigh
  • Rear Lateral Spread

Tips for Bodybuilding Posing

When joining a bodybuilding competition, remember to pick 10 to 15 poses that greatly accentuates your muscular features. Do some poses on a mirror and see which among them looks best on you. If you’re not sure which pose suits you, you can seek help from a bodybuilding routine choreographer. After choosing, practice the routine of poses in a way that you feel comfortable between transitions. This will make you look natural on the stage. Also, pick a song that is meaningful to you and can get your adrenaline and energy pumping. It would really be a great help when you’re on the actual stage. Lastly, be confident. Smile and be graceful in what you are doing.

What to Wear

Preparing your posing wear in advance helps you in your preparation for the competition. Posing trunks are different from regular swimming trunks. There is actually a lot of men’s posing wear available online. If it’s your first time wearing posing trunks, it might feel uncomfortable and intimidating. But with lots of practice and motivation, you’ll get through it. Besides, you can actually choose from a variety of cuts that are comfortable for you.

Shaving and Tanning

Your muscularity shows a lot better when your body is clean shaven. You should start shaving weeks before the competition and maintain it by shaving regularly so it becomes a lot easier. It is also recommended to tan a few weeks before so you get your desired colour. The darker your skin colour, the bigger and more muscular you’ll appear.

There are plenty of things to prepare when entering a bodybuilding competition. With enough preparation and regular practice, you’ll truly enjoy your time on the stage.

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