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“Brush your teeth twice a day” and don’t eat too many chocolates.

These are statements that we have all heard a couple of times in our lives and a commodity we pass on to the next generation. Keeping our teeth clean has always been a major highlight in overall cleanliness and health. But why? And how does it keep you healthy?

How to Keep Your Teeth Clean and Sparkly

Generally, most of us brush at least once or twice a day without denial. But it is highly recommended to floss and use mouth wash after brushing and eating too. Why? Because it allows you to remove particles stuck in between your teeth. Mouthwash complements brushing and flossing.

Why Keep Your Teeth Clean?

The mouth is one of the gateways into our body. There are always more than 500 bacteria species in our mouth irrespective of time and place. A lot of health problems begin in your mouth and enter your bloodstream and later spread throughout your body. Good dental hygiene will aid you to prevent tooth decays, gum issues, bad breath, and many other systemic diseases.

Effects of an Unhealthy Mouth

  1. Gum Infection: There are 3 different stages for this effect. Stage 1: Gingivitis, Stage 2: Periodontitis and Stage 3: trench mouth, the latter being the most harmful. All developed due to unhealthy gums promoting more bacteria that cause more infection.  
  2. Bad Breath: Cringe worthy! One unnecessary gift we receive from others, well, you wouldn’t want to do the same. Always keep your breath in check
  3. Endocarditis: An oral infection that occurs when the bacteria has already entered your bloodstream and sticks to your diseased heart lining.
  4. Loss of Teeth: Long term oral problems will result in the loss of teeth. Irrelevance of age, nobody likes teeth gapes, so take care of your teeth right.
  5. Tooth Decays: We are always informed that sweets cause teeth to rot and decay, but, that’s not the case. Unhealthy mouths also allow this.
  6. Cardiovascular disease: Oral infection leads to blocking in the arteries. This is one of the most common reasons for heart attacks and strokes.
  7. Preterm Birth: severe gum diseases during pregnancy lead to the birth of a lightweight baby. Scary, but true!

The list of dental issues and infections is endless, extremely harmful and equally scary.

How To Test?

Your saliva is a very powerful tool, it can provide you with the basic and detailed information about the types of kinds of infection you possess. Check with the closest dentist St Leonards’ and get a dental test done. Once the results are out you can proceed to the next, right step.

What To Do When You Indeed Do Have An Infection?

Once your test is done and the results are overwhelming then you must go to an expert dentist and get it thoroughly checked. Putting infections aside can lead to fatal outcomes.

Good dental hygiene is not only a good health investment, not only for now but for the future as well. If you didn’t have enough reasons to take care of your teeth then, now you do! Think about it, healthy oral health leads to improvement in overall health.

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