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It’s a general fact that the greater a person’s disability, the more care and treatment they need. Many elders have reported that the care they’ve received is not in line with professional standards and borders on neglect. This is because the field of geriatrics is complex and requires hard work and commitment, as well as the right education. Now, the need for home support services is also on the rise so if you think that this line of work may be for you, here are some things you need to keep in mind.


This is not a line of work that you can take up to make some quick money. No, you need a Skills Training nursing course Melbourne or any relevant caregiver qualification to be able to qualify as a certified professional ready to work in the field. A lack of proper education is often what leads to neglect and poor health care for the elderly and is a serious offense.


Being a caregiver means you should focus on being more person-centred rather than self-centred. You may have a family, financial problems or a throbbing headache but the moment you step through those doors, it becomes all about your patient. They have their own rights and they deserve to receive quality care just as any other patient would.


As they age and have to resort to home care services, the elderly finds themselves giving up a lot of things- and their dignity is amongst the first to go. They have to do as they’re told, they can’t walk about or cook things with freedom, medications need to be taken at specific times etc. and this all wears down on them. You need to remember that this lands a serious blow to their pride and its part of your more moral duties to restore their confidence in themselves. You can go about this by encouraging them to do small things on their own or sit down with them and have a good chat (allow them to be able to talk to someone).


A key factor behind maintaining a happy relationship with your patient is to understand them better. They will be in a state of cognitive decline, or may say things you don’t necessarily believe in but you need patience to understand that elderly tend to be a bit more on the grumpy and stubborn side at times. It’s all part of the job description to understand.


It’s important for you to be a friend to the person you’re looking after. They should be able to talk to you easily but as a professional you need to know where to draw the line. Don’t get yourself involved in any family disputes unless your patient is being abused and by all means keep your own personal life private as well.

These are the most important things you need to remember when caring for the elderly. Be it in their own homes or at aged care, respect them at all times.
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