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Canker sores are small ulcers that form on the inside of your mouth. Usually it appears grey or white with a red outlining and they only seem to form on the softest part of the mouth (the inner lips, inner cheeks, tongue etc.). Canker sores go away on their own, usually healing in around a week, but the fact still stands that they can be incredibly painful so here are some things to keep in mind to speed up that healing process and also prevent any infection while you’re at it.


Using medicated gel over your sore helps it remain unbothered and untouched by anything you eat, especially including spicy food. Or you can even use special patches that are designed to stick to the inside of your mouth. It essentially has the same function. For more details you can contact your dentist in Maroubra and also don’t shy away from making an appointment if you seem to have recurring sores far too often or if the ulcers are much larger than its usual size.

Mouth Rinse

Using a mouth rinse will thoroughly clean the area and also relieve the pain but you need to ensure that you pick one with antiseptic properties. This is what will fight infection and also numb your mouth in the process. You can also opt for a more natural remedy- rinsing with a salt solution.

Soft Toothbrush

As much as it hurts to brush your teeth when you have a canker sore, it simply must be done or you’re inviting more bacteria build-up and infections. But you can’t be using a toothbrush with hard bristles as this could damage the canker sore (and not to mention cause an incredible amount of pain). So make sure to use a soft brush instead.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is very popular for its medicinal properties and is said to reduce pain and inflammation. Studies are limited when it comes to its effect on canker sores, so by no means use it to replace medication. Honey too can be added to the tea as it has antiseptic properties or you can even apply it directly for that soothing effect! Brew a strong chamomile tea, with or without honey, and drink it once cooled only.


Spicy, salty or even acidic food are capable of irritating a canker sore so you’ll want to avoid these for a week or two. Even foods with rough edges or hot drinks are capable of hurting you.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known for its uses in the field of natural medical remedies. Apply this over the canker sore to reduce any pain or inflammation. Once again, there haven’t been any studies to prove a connection between the two but It has been declared safe to use so it’s definitely worth a shot for when you’re having a bad day!


Sucking on some ice and then placing it against the sore will numb the area. But make sure you don’t place the ice cube directly without melting the surface first.

Using these top tips, you’ll have that canker sore healed in no time!
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