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Getting a good sleep is a common struggle among pregnant women. There are plenty of reasons that can keep you awake at night such as heartburn, restless legs syndrome or finding a comfortable lying position. In this article, we reveal 10 best tricks that could greatly help you in getting that precious sleep.

Proper Water Intake

One common reason of waking up at night is the need to pee. As pregnancy progresses, the womb exerts more pressure on the bladder making you feel like you need to urinate in just a few minutes. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for a healthy pregnancy but you can actually schedule your intake. Drink up more fluids during the day and lesser before going to bed. That way, you get the enough fluids you need while having lesser urge to urinate at night.


Research shows that active pregnant women tend to get better sleep quality than those who move around less. Being pregnant is tiring yet it is also essential to move around for better circulation. Simple walks will do and it lessens leg cramps during bedtime.

New Bedtime Routine

Finding ways to relax before bedtime helps you doze off faster. Try new bedtime routines and see if it fits your needs. Drinking a cup of tea or milk has a relaxing effect to the body. You may also snack along with peanuts, crackers or cereals along with the drink. Warm showers or baths before bedtime also has a soothing effect. Your husband can help relax you by giving a gentle massage or brushing your hair. Make sure to wear a maternity nightie that you’re fully comfortable with.


One of the great things that provide comfort during pregnancy is lots of pillows. Somewhere around the second trimester, your doctor may recommend that you sleep on the left side. This position is perfect for better blood flow to the foetus. Stacking pillows can help you become more comfortable in this position. Have one to support your back, belly and under the knee. You may also want to try pregnancy pillow that is specially designed to solve this problem.

Short Naps during the Day

If you’re having trouble sleeping well at night, try getting short naps throughout the day. This makes up for the sleep deficit and also makes you feel recharged. Short naps around 20 – 30 minutes a day does the trick.

Clear Your Mind

Most pregnant women are so worried about everything that they find it hard to sleep. Anxiety and stress are the two main factors that snag sleep. It’s normal to be worried but you can actually share your worries with a friend or someone close to make things lighter. If you’re not into talking about your worries with others, write everything down in a journal to unload your worries for the day.

Every woman is different and you might find some of these tips not that effective. Discovering what your body needs is still the best way.
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