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Accidents can happen in unexpected place and time. No matter how careful you are with your actions, you cannot predict what could happen even if you’re just merely sitting at the office or just resting in your room. Most of the accidents people experience are minor physical injuries, but there are times that these injuries limit the movement for faster healing. However, for a person who needs to do chores or has to work, they can’t just stay still and do nothing.

Good thing there are mobility aids that can be used. These are:


Crutches are used if you have difficulty in walking or maintaining your balance. If you have a lot of pain when walking, you can visit pharmacy Preston and ask for painkillers. Also ask physical therapists about the proper way of using crutches so you won’t have a problem when moving around with crutches.

Crutches enable you to transfer your body weight to the upper body and help you keep upright. It can be used in single or in pairs, depending on your injury. You can choose among the three types of crutches, which are axillary (underarm), lofstrand (forearm) or platform.

When using the axillary crutches, the upper part is placed under the armpit while the user will hold the hand grip to allow movement. This type of mobility aid applies to those who inflicted short-term injuries. The lofstrand crutches will enable the user to place their hands into the handcuffs made of metal or plastic and hold the grip to ensure proper upright posture and ease in movement. It is usually used by people with long-term disabilities. The platform crutches are used by people who are suffering from certain conditions such as cerebral palsy and arthritis. It can be used by holding the hand grip while the forearm rests in the horizontal platform.


The walkers provide the user’s stability and support when walking. It is made from non-tarnishing metal and has four legs. It has a three-sided frame to support the weight of the user. To use this mobility aid, you have to lift the structure and position it in your front before you can step forward to meet it and repeat.

The types of walkers available for use are rollators, knee walkers, and walker-cane hybrids. The rollator is a type of walker that has four wheels, handlebars with breaks installed as a safety feature and seat for resting. The knee walkers have a framework similar to rollator. The only difference is that it has a resting padded-cushion for the knee, and allows the user to move still by propelling forward with their strong legs. The walker-cane hybrid is a type of walker that has only two legs. It provides greater support even if you’re using it with one or both hands.


The wheelchair is used when you can no longer move your lower limbs. It is often recommended to those who can’t travel in the great distance as this provides full support to the whole body. It can be manually propelled or pushed by someone from behind. Although most wheelchairs are manually operated, there are electrically-powered wheelchairs which cost higher than regular wheelchairs. Specific variants allow the user to be in an upright position while others are specifically designed for sports activities.

These are the types of mobility aids and their proper use. Before you buy a mobility aid, it is best to canvass about the material used to maximize your budget.

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