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Your feet are prone to many issues. Unfortunately, most of these ailments are due to a combination of genetics and lifestyle, making people very susceptible if they’re not careful. Hence, the regular visits to a podiatrist. So, we’ll be diving into the many ailments your feet face.

Athletes Foot

It’s caused by fungus latching onto your feet, growing rapidly on its surface. Most commonly, they situate themselves between your toes or on the bottom of your feet as it is warmest part of your foot. Hence, the best place for them to grow.

Due to the fungus’ presence, your leg will become very itchy. In fact, it will inflame, turning red because of a rash. And, will cause white, scale like patches to encompass your foot. Because of this, not only will your feet be very itchy, but will burn up. Along with these, the white patches may scale off, leaving an odor.

If not careful, the fungus could spread from your foot, causing it to encompass your whole body. Of course, this would take a while to do. And, it’s quite easy to eliminate it. All you need to do is take prescribed medication, and voila-it’s gone! Moreover, to avoid athlete’s foot, keep your feet as clean and dry as possible.


The majority of the world has experienced calluses. They’re a nuisance we’ve grown to accommodate. Unfortunately, it’s quite easy to get calluses growing on your foot. All you have to do is exert pressure on isolated sections of your feet. You don’t consciously have to do this as it can happen naturally, according to how you walk.

So, skin in the area thickens, hardening to shield it from the force. Unfortunately, the only way you can permanently treat it is by getting it cut off. Many try doing this at home, but it is very dangerous. Instead, a podiatrist must do it for you. Thankfully for you, most adelaide podiatry services offer this treatment.


From all the ailments on the list, gout is the most painful. It is caused by the accumulation of an acid known as uric acid. It is stored up between your joints, amongst tissues and fluids in the space. It specifically likes accumulating in your big toe’s joint.

Moreover, the space is cold, so the acid crystalizes once it’s in place, causing you immense pain. Due to this, you’ll see a large lump with red swelling around it. It would be too painful to touch, making wearing shoes impossible for you.

Toenail Fungus

Fungus can easily accumulate between your toenails. However, they can only latch on if you frequently pass through moist environments, without your shoes on. If you have fungus growing in your toenails, it’ll start to discolor and give off a foul odor.

Ingrown Toenails

If you don’t cut your nails properly, you’ll allow the remains to grow into your skin. This stabbing pain can be very painful if you don’t act quickly. As you see, there are various ailments that can befall your feet. The above are only some of the most common, so be careful.

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