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Obstetrician-gynaecologists, or OB-GYN for short, are doctors who specialize in the overall health of women. They concentrate on the female reproductive system that includes pregnancy, diagnosis, treatment, and health concern of women’s organs. It is advisable that once a girl hits the puberty stage, she should schedule an appointment with an ob-gyn. It can be perplexing for first-timers since the doctor would check on their intimate body parts and ask about their private life which includes their sexual activity. It is important to set aside your embarrassment to make sure that you are at your optimal health and detect any abnormal changes in your body. If you are reluctant and anxious about going to an ob-gyn, then the following are some of the things that you can expect during your consultation with the doctor.

Health Information

The outcome of your doctor’s appointment usually depends on the purpose of your visit. If it is your first time visiting an ob-gyn, then an in-depth conversation with the doctor is expected. It includes obtaining general health information such as medical history, family history, menstruation, sexual activity, pregnancy, etc. Be honest and tell your doctor everything related to your health so that they can understand your condition better and be able to guide you thoroughly.

Physical Examination

Just like every other doctor consultation, an appointment with your ob-gyn includes a physical examination. It involves getting your vital signs, body mass index to check your weight, palpitation of the body such as the lymph nodes and the abdomen, and evaluating your overall well-being. It gives your doctor a view of your health and be able to check if there are problems that need to be addressed first. If you are located in Australia, you may want to set an appointment with a gynaecologist in Melbourne. They are highly skilled and professional in dealing with not only women’s reproductive health issues but also their general and long-term health.

Pelvic and Breast Examination

Pelvic Examination includes inspecting your pelvic organs to check if there are any irregularities. You will be asked by your ob-gyn about your menstruation and its cycle, whether you are experiencing premenstrual syndrome and stomach cramps, vaginal discharge or any other inconsistencies. Breast examination, on the other hand, includes palpitation of the breasts to find out if there is an unwanted tumour growth or swelling, discoloration, numbness, pain, or any abnormal findings. If your doctor detected serious health issues, then further tests will be advised.

Pap Smear Test

The Papanicolaou test or also called a Pap smear or Pap test is a vital procedure to determine the possibility or presence of cervical cancer. It is done by inserting a speculum inside your vagina and harvesting cells from your cervix using a soft brush and a spatula. Undergoing a Pap smear test gives you a better chance of receiving treatment and provides an opportunity to stop the development of cervical cancer in the future. A Pap smear test can be a little uncomfortable but do not be afraid because it is not painful.

These are just some of the tests that are expected whenever you visit an ob-gyn. At some point in your life, a visit to your obstetrician-gynaecologist is inevitable. Be sure to do it routinely to maintain your healthy status and receive all the necessary care needed by your body. Keeping your health in check is the key to living a fruitful and long life.

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